It is one of the most significant and influential styles, that still to this day inspires many artists. In this article we have put together some historical background information on how the style evolved and in the end you'll find a collection of beautiful works by today's artists, carrying on the legacy of Victorian Design.


We find ourselves at the gateway of a new beginning. Behind us, everything that is familiar, in front of us, it seems that the next era of mankind is awaiting us.

Almost 200 years ago this must be what people experienced when the effects of the Industrial Revolution made itself felt. In the Victorian Era, that is corresponding to the reign of British Queen Victoria (1837-1901), innovation in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation, led to a new, unknown age. It was a time of great change and wealth, for those who benefited from the Industrial Revolution. A new middle class emerged and people enjoyed an extravagant style. Furthermore, Britain’s colonies in India served as a big source of inspiration for floral ornamentation, that was soon altered into a more „abstract, geometrical approach to design." The liking of decorative ornamentation could be found in architecture, furniture, clothing and lettering and clearly laid the foundation for the typical Victorian Design.

The progress and advances in printing also opened up the era for literacy. Readers proudly collected their novels, „binding them in astoundingly beautiful custom covers.“ The rise of magazines, especially pioneers like Punch magazine and Harper’s New Monthly, paved the way for advertisement agencies, that now could persuade its buyers with elaborately decorated commercials.  

Designers, diving into the new and many possibilities to express their creativity, developed a high number of innovative and imaginative typefaces. These were mainly characterized by pervasive ornamentation and an enormous distortion of existing typefaces such as the Bodoni and Dido, varying in size and weight.


Victorian Design, marked by intense social and industrial changes, has a great deal of influences. In a single piece of work we can often find more than just one style influencing its creation. The charm of nostalgia remained present, reminding people of the „good old times“, when in reality the Industrial Revolution was catapulting them into a complete new era.

200 years later we are facing another revolution of technology that is making manual labor and skilled artisanship disappear more and more. We live in a time in which drastically put „almost everything is worthless and very few things are exceptionally valuable.“

Mass production and the overflow of information has created a longing for significance, handcrafts and quality. Over the last couple of years, designers and artists have turned to the past to look for inspiration, often found in the elaborate and time-consuming Victorian Designs.

We have put together a collection of talented artists that celebrate a revival of the Victorian Style, adorning their works with lavishly ornamentation and a keen eye on detail. They sure inspire us to create our own unique way of history.


A display of inspiring works by talented artists








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